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Best Haridresser

Posted by: Schminds

just a quick tip if you are looking for a fabulous hairdresser in Dunedin visit Koryn at Z more...

Financial Advisers

Hayes Investment & Insurance Solutions, Dunedin:10/10
Posted by: kiwimax

Hayes Investment & Insurance Solutions, Dunedin. Lynley and Mike provide excellent advice more...

Fantastic service

BeautynMind Ltd:10/10
Posted by: kiwimax

Stephanie provides friendly, professional, quality beauty therapy supported by great produ more...

How does it end?

Posted by: backstart

Does anybody know how the Octagon sit in is meant to end? As I understand it they are prot more...

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Castle MacAdam Wines:0/10
Posted by: craftybrewer

While out with my family enjoying the Dunedin sun pre World Cup Final build up we stumbled more...

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Dental School

Posted by: yessiryousir

There is obviously a difference in cost which makes it seem good but from my experience i more...

What are they even protesting!?

Posted by: yessiryousir

Until the ODT posted what the protest was about, did anyone actually know what they were p more...

That's the one...

Posted by: yessiryousir

just a few shops up from the dairy, was incredibly terrible service and food. more...


Posted by: fecnde

is this the one on the main street? I'm surprised by your comment. I've had great food fro more...

Business Reply

Posted by: Giftdispensary

Very happy he enjoyed it, and thank you for your feedback. It's always welcome! more...

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How does it end?

Posted by: backstart

Does anybody know how the Octagon sit in is meant to end? As I understand it they are prot more...

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Posted by: Delgirl

I am having some work done by a solicitor and received the first of what will probably be more...

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Shower cleaning

Posted by: msroxy

Have just renovated my bathroom and installed a glass shower. Whats the best way/chemical more...

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Questin to Admin.....

Posted by: marc32

Dear Womf, How do you see responses that go past the fist page? Thanks Marc32 more...

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Good spray tan in Dunedin?

Posted by: Emily26

Hi, Am after a good spray tan in Dunedin, one that doesn't streak and can actually tel more...

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Bill Boards

Posted by: Delgirl

I always have a chuckle to myself while driving home over the Northern Motorway from work. more...

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Out of Control

Posted by: Delgirl

Here's an Idea for our Dunedin City Council. (or any Council for that matter) to make some more...

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Lost Tabby Cat

Posted by: dvcurzon

Sam has been missing since Wednesday the 1st of June 2011. She is a tabby cat with ginger, more...

DCC Parking

Dunedin City Council:2/10
Posted by: Delgirl

Here's a really good one for readers...Am I the only person that didn't know it is a byla more...

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Posted by: paulscupher

They are really really friendly to deal with and really really CHEAP at removing all your more...

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